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White-Collar Crime

Tailor-made solutions with experienced and highly specialized professionals in multidisciplinary solutions

In our White-Collar Crime practice, we advise individuals and companies on a wide range of criminal matters in Brazil and in multiple jurisdictions. This support, tailored to the needs of our clients, includes effective litigation defense and preventive consulting activities in criminal matters.

In order to adequately meet the various demands, solutions often arise from proposals that only a full-service firm can offer. We develop customized solutions according to our clients’ needs, sometimes in conjunction with our firm’s various practices, such as civil litigation, regulatory law, labor, antitrust, restructuring and insolvency, intellectual property, life sciences and others.

We also provide support to the transactional area to monitor all aspects of criminal law, taking advantage of our lawyers’ previous experience in the public sector, especially in major investigations and international cooperation issues.

Our services:

  • Defense in criminal proceedings related to white-collar crimes, including bankruptcy, environmental, competition, Public procurement, capital market (including corporate fraud), tax and social security, labor organization, consumer relations, public health, public administration, public faith (documentary falsification), public peace (criminal associations and criminal organizations related to economic crimes), the national financial system and money laundering, among others;
  • Participation in Non-trial resolutions in the criminal field, including non-prosecution agreements, conditional suspension of proceedings, criminal settlements and others;
  • Defense of individuals and companies in congressional investigations;
  • Acting in criminal proceedings of a transnational nature and involving international legal cooperation, including repatriation of assets, location of assets abroad, extraditions and evidentiary proceedings (breaches of confidentiality, taking of statements, etc.);
  • Implementation and testing of PLD/AML programs;
  • Negotiating collaboration agreements with the competent authorities, as well as working with foreign law firms on transnational negotiations;
  • Preventive advice, including direct advice to boards, directors and shareholders, to avoid indications of criminal wrongdoing due to non-compliance with regulations such as environmental, tax, social security, labor, etc.;
  • Collaboration in internal investigations conducted by foreign offices in domestic companies and in domestic subsidiaries of foreign companies;
  • Training for foreign teams on Brazilian criminal legislation and on criminal procedures of direct interest, such as investigation procedures and searches and seizures;
  • Representing victims and working to recover assets arising from illicit conduct at national and international level;
  • Qualification as an assistant to the prosecution and acting as a victim/interested party in investigation proceedings;
  • Assessment, from a criminal angle, of risks in commercial, financial and industrial operations, including due diligence of stressed assets to be acquired or traded;
  • Due diligence of companies in corporate transactions;
  • Preparation of technical studies, legal opinions and opinions on criminal matters;
  • Participation in meetings and appearances before courts and tribunals to collaborate in depositions and hearings as experts, in Brazil and abroad;
  • Criminal exposure assessment of managers and those responsible for new businesses and technologies (e.g. fintechs, startups in regulated or unregulated markets).