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The Lefosse Advogados privacy policy was created to demonstrate the commitment of the office to the security and privacy of information received from our users. This policy seeks to clarify how this information is collected and handled.

  1. Any information forwarded by our users will be protected according to strict confidentiality standards and only used for the purposes for which they were collected.
  2. Access to information received is restricted only to authorized members for the proper use of this information.
  3. The Lefosse Advogados website (“Lefosse Advogados”) contains links to external websites whose privacy policies are not the responsibility of the firm.
  4. The Lefosse Advogados website does not use “cookies” to collect personal or browsing information. However, our providers may collect generic and purely statistical data.
  5. Companies contracted to provide any support services to the Lefosse Advogados website must strictly follow the office’s privacy policy.
  6. If you no longer wish to receive communications from Lefosse, or only receive communications on specific topics, at any time you can request your exclusion and/ or modification by email: dpo@lefosse.com.