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Wealth Planning

Our experience and multidisciplinary approach allow us to act in complex cases without losing sight of our proximity to the client

We offer our clients a tailored reorganization plan that considers aspects involving areas such as family, inheritance, tax, corporate and real estate. Our team has in-depth experience in dealing with sensitive issues that require passion and a personalized approach from the lawyers involved which goes beyond mere legal knowledge.

A well-thought-out and executed heritage reorganization plan is an important tool to ensure that not only the heritage built over a lifetime is maintained, but also that the values ​​and principles that guided its construction are preserved. Throughout the development of our involvement, we strive to maintain the stability and well-being of the family, avoid crises of management continuity, and provide the elements for taking decisions over tax, corporate and family matters.

We provide individual assistance to families and their members, family offices, private clients of financial institutions, and expatriates and inpatriates in residence migration.

Our services:

  • Verification of the need and/or intention to organize the set of assets differently;
  • Early meetings with the family to define objectives and premises that should guide the reorganization;
  • Analysis of the family and equity situation to present the structure(s) that best suits the interests of each client, considering legal, tax and corporate aspects;
  • In the case of assets located abroad, identification and explanation of alternatives existing in other jurisdictions (trusts, for example), with interaction and coordination with/from foreign legal advisors;
  • Suggested preparation of prenuptial agreements, common law marriage agreements, probates, wills and other acts of last will, change of property regime, among others;
  • Explanations for the family of the effects of the death and rules applicable to each regime of property of the marriage, including due to succession;
  • Assistance in the reorganization of assets in the pre-tax exit or pre-entry period in the country;
  • Analysis of relevant Brazilian tax and succession issues related to the family and assets that make up the expatriate’s equity; and
  • Interactions with foreign legal and financial advisors for tax and inheritance matters in the destination jurisdiction.