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Compliance and Investigations

Professionals experienced in meeting the needs of companies and their executives in terms of Compliance and Investigations

Our Compliance and Investigations team is made up of professionals with vast experience in helping Brazilian and international clients comply with legislation related to the prevention of fraud, corruption and money laundering. We offer safe, assertive and sophisticated solutions for highly complex cases involving companies in all sectors, including publicly traded companies and financial institutions, both in terms of prevention, crisis management and remediation, and risk mitigation.

Our team includes elite professionals with complementary profiles, specialized in the areas of Business Law, Corporate Law, Corporate Governance, Civil and Administrative Litigation and Competition, who work together to comprehensively meet all our clients’ needs.

We have a renowned track record in conducting complex activities for clients from a wide range of sectors, including: engineering and construction, oil and gas, human resources solutions, retail multinationals, pharmaceutical industries, financial services, private equity funds, basic industries, technology companies, defense industries, chemical industries, telecommunications, media and entertainment, automotive industries and education services.

Our services:

  • Crisis management and remediation of irregularities. We work on planning and implementing strategies to minimize potential exposure to the different interlocutors.
  • Conducting and defending clients in sanctioning proceedings brought under the Anti-Corruption Law, the Law on Tenders and Administrative Contracts, as well as in the context of contracts with public companies and international financing;
  • Definition and implementation of strategies for collaboration agreements with authorities, with special emphasis on negotiations with the Comptroller General’s Offices;
  • Conducting and defending clients’ interests in national and multi-jurisdictional investigations;
  • Advising clients on corporate transactions and their consequences from a compliance perspective;
  • Structuring, improving and certifying integrity and compliance programs, ESG, as well as anti-money laundering and crypto-asset management;
  • Due diligence on the integrity of companies and individuals and their monitoring;
  • Legal advice on a wide range of ethics and corporate governance issues, including corporate fraud, administrative offenses and practices that do not comply with the integrity programs implemented by clients.