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  • 24 June 2024

The experts’ point of view: check out the main analysis on the investment funds sector

The experts’ point of view: Investment Funds brings the main analyzes of the sector in Brazil for those who want to stay ahead in the market. The material offers a complete overview of the sector, with analysis and insights from our experts in the regulatory, transactional, tax and litigation areas.

In the cover story, partners André Mileski, from Investment Funds, Pedro Maciel, from Dispute Resolution and Ricardo Bolan, from Tax, share the advances for the market resulting from the new regulatory framework for investment funds – CVM Resolution 175, in force since October 2023.

They also share what changes the sector can expect in the coming years and how to adapt to innovations arising from our regulations. An example of this is the simplification of requirements for exemption from IRRF [Income Tax Withheld at Source] in FIPs [Participation Investment Fund] for non-resident investors. In this theme, our partners exemplify what it was like before the change and how it turned out.

In a full interview with the partners, we detail the current scenario of the sector and what is coming in regulatory matters, such as:

  • Practical Market Effects of Resolution 175;
  • Judicial action on issues involving funds;
  • Limitation of shareholders’ liability to the subscribed capital;
  • Constitution of multiple classes of shares with different rights and obligations;
  • FIP Taxation under Law 14.711/2023;
  • Prospects for ESG Funds;
  • Expected revisions to Fiagro and FIP regulations.

Finally, the material provides a business barometer with the main opportunities and points of attention in the investment fund sector so you can prepare for what’s to come.

To prepare for the sector’s next challenges, check out the complete review.

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