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  • 5 July 2024

The experts’ point of view: check out the main analysis on the infrastructure sector

The experts’ point of view: Public Law – Infrastructure brings the main analyzes of the sector in Brazil for those who want to stay ahead in the market. The material offers a complete overview of the sector, with analysis and insights from our experts on the viability of infrastructure projects in different areas, such as sanitation, highways and energy.

The material offers a complete overview of infrastructure in Brazil, with comments and insights regarding regulation and project financeability. Furthermore, our partners bring the segments that should be the focus of investments in the coming years, with projects driven using precatories (government debt bonds) for grant payments and infrastructure debentures.

In the cover story, partners Eduardo Carvalhaes, from Public Law and Regulation, Miriam Signor, from Project Development and Finance and Raphael Gomes, from Energy, share regulatory advances to diversify sources of financing for infrastructure projects.

In a full interview with our partners, we detail the current scenario of the sector and the impacts of the main regulatory developments, such as:

  • Sectors that will be the focus of investment in the coming years;
  • Impact of infrastructure debentures (Law 14.801/2024) on the market;
  • How Secex Consensus has been used to resolve conflicts with the public administration;
  • Application of the new Bidding Law (Law 14.133/2021) to public procurement;
  • The project and financing models that lie ahead.

Finally, the material provides a business barometer with the main opportunities and points of attention in the infrastructure sector so you can prepare for what’s to come.

To prepare for the sector’s next challenges, check out the complete review.

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