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  • 11 April 2024

Secretariat of Prizes and Betting approves 2024 Regulatory Agenda for fixed-odds betting

The Secretariat of Prizes and Betting (Secretaria de Prêmios e Apostas – “SPA”) of the Ministry of Finance published on April 10 the Rule No. 561/2024, which establishes the Regulatory Policy and the Regulatory Agenda for the year of 2024, to structure the regulation of fixed-odds bets. Rule No. 561/2024 defines the main guidelines and timeline for the implementation of the sector regulations.

The objectives of the Regulatory Policy are:

  1. Establishing the priority regulatory actions;
  2. Providing legal certainty, predictability and efficiency to the fixed-odds betting regulation process; and
  3. Providing a stable, up-to-date, transparent and attractive regulatory environment for sustainable investment.

The Regulatory Agenda is divided into four phases, in order of prioritization of the initiatives. The respective rules must be published according to the dates indicated below:

The initiative of “qualification of certifying entities” is also included in the Regulatory Agenda, with Rule No. 300/2024 having already been published in February this year, which establishes the requirements and procedures relating to the recognition of the operational capacity of certifying entities of betting systems.

The implementation of the Regulatory Agenda by the SPA does not prevent the publication of specific or complementary regulations considered necessary by the competent technical areas, and regulations published by other federal public bodies regarding matters within their legal and institutional responsibilities.

Lefosse’s Public Law and Regulation Team closely monitors the changes that impact the Brazilian betting sector. For further clarification on this matter, or others that may be of interest to you, contact our professionals.

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