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  • 22 December 2021

MME defines schedule of Energy Auctions until 2024

It was published on December 20th of 2021 edition of Union Official Journal the Ordinance Acts no. 32/GM/MME and no. 33/GM/MME, defining, respectively, the estimated schedule of auctions of power generation and power transmission until 2024.

Among energy auctions, reserve of energy and reserve of power auctions, and supply of isolated systems auctions, the Ordinance Act no. 32 foresees eight auctions of power generation in 2022, seven in 2023 and other seven in 2024, with the following characteristics:


  2022 2023 2024
New Energy A-4 in May

A-5 e A-6 in August

A-5 e A-6 in August A-5 e A-6 in August
Existing Energy A-1 e A-2 in December A-1 e A-2 in December A-1 e A-2 in December
Supply of Isolated Systems In October In October In October
Reserve of Energy Capacity In September In March In March
Reserve of Power Capacity In November In November In November


Regarding to power transmission, the Ordinance Act no. 33 defines the doing of two auctions per year, the first in June and the second in December. The deadline to celebration of Transmission System Use Agreement (“CUST”) of each auction follows the table at Attachment I of the Ordinance, as described below:


Auction Public Session Deadline to celebrate CUST
1st of 2022 June/2022 January 31st of 2022
2nd of 2022 December/2022 June 15th of 2022
1st of 2023 June/2023 January 13rd of 2023
2nd of 2023 December/2023 June 13rd of 2023
1st of 2024 June/2024 January 15th of 2024
2nd of 2024 December/2024 June 15th of 2024




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