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Purpose and Content

The website of Lefosse Advogados (“Lefosse Advogados” website), located at www.lefosse.com, has the sole purpose of providing institutional information about the office and its members. No part of the content made available through the Lefosse Advogados website, including institutional bulletins and articles written by members of the firm, should be interpreted as legal advice or advice. Legal guidance should be obtained through our lawyers.

All material included in the Lefosse Advogados Website is published for informational purposes only, and does not constitute advertising material for the purpose of attracting customers.


All material displayed on the Lefosse Advogados website is protected by intellectual property laws and may not be reproduced and / or distributed without the express permission of Lefosse Advogados.

Third Party Information

Lefosse Advogados is not responsible for information published on other sites whose links are mentioned on the Lefosse Advogados website. Likewise, Lefosse Advogados is not responsible for information regarding seminars and other events organized by third parties.